Welcome to the Ehlmann Research Group! We are planetary scientists, geologists, and remote sensing experts dedicated to understanding planetary surfaces and developing new instruments and techniques for mineralogy and chemistry analysis. We are closely involved in enabling new NASA missions and new technologies for Earth and planetary sciences. Current mission projects include MRO, MSL, Mars2020, EMIT, Lunar Trailblazer, as well as work for Ocean Worlds and Venus missions.


A paper mapping occurrences of key minerals in the ocean crust by Rebecca Greenberger has been published in JGR-Solid Earth. 08-24-21

Welcome to new graduate students, Samantha Baker and Abby Keebler! 08-23-21

A review paper on magnesite formation led by Eva Scheller has been published in JGR-Planets. 07-15-21

Three students received degrees at graduation: Dr. Kevin Roback (PhD), Brandon Rasmussen (Masters), and Molly Crotteau (Bachelors). 06-11-21

A paper by Kevin Roback on landslides on Mars has been published in JGR-Planets. 06-01-21