Welcome to the Ehlmann Research Group! We are planetary scientists, geologists, and remote sensing experts dedicated to understanding planetary surfaces and developing new instruments and techniques for mineralogy and chemistry analysis.


NASA has selected Lunar Trailblazer as one of three finalist for small satellite missions. 06-19-19

Bethany Ehlmann and others published a commentary in Nature Geoscience about the key questions and key measurements for solving the early Mars climate conundrum. 12-7-18

Ellen Leask's new paper in Geophysical Research Letters has received press coverage from Caltech and ScienceNews. 11-21-18


A paper led by William Rapin provides evidence for a salty lake in Gale crater, Mars.

We are doing fieldwork in Morocco to determine the mineral composition of dust in Earth's atmosphere!

A new paper by Daven Quinn and Bethany Ehlmann published in Earth and Space Science describes a new method for determining surface orientations from orbital datasets.